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Mi-Duino Line Follower Robot

Mi-Duino LF robot is an open platform Line Following Robot using Arduino Uno which able to tracking the line with Graphical User Interface and Android control via Bluetooth.


Features of Mi-Duino LF Robot:

  1. Open Platform, Arduino IDE, Processing IDE
  2. Arduino Uno platform
  3. Graphical User Interface by Processing IDE
  4. Controlling with PID Control Algorithm
  5. Serial USB GUI with Processing IDE
  6. Wireless Bluetooth Control with Android Smartphone use App Inventor 2
  7. Sensor system : 8 Sensor Line Multiplex with 4051

Features Mi-Duino LF Robot Shield for Arduino Uno:

  1. 4 button
  2. 1 LED
  3. 1 LCD 16*2
  4. Two channel H-Bridge Driver Motor (L293D)
  5. Bluetooth Client HC-06


 Video in YouTube:


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Mechanical Design:


Electronic Design:

Electronic Design

Mi-Duino in picture actions:

DSCN0703 DSCN0704 DSCN0705 DSCN0706 DSCN0707 DSCN0708